I have this incredible yearning for someone who’s been hurt, really truly hurt… Adore would never be a adequate word for the feeling I have for this kind of person. It gives them so much life! They feel and think so deeply after their journey thru immense pain…. It’s incredible what you can learn from these type of people if you listen… What you can feel with their touch… They’ve known defeat and struggle and they’ve been at the brink of a disastrous storm swirling inside them thrusting them to a place it’s difficult for anyone who hasn’t felt this way to understand….Ahh!! Passion consumes their entire life! Can I tell you how rare it is to find someone who can handle a incredibly low point without causing a larger storm ? So lets get tipsy and talk. Cry, laugh, scream what hurts you….let me in. It’s hard not to fall in love with someone who has once been in a very dark place… It’s hard not to feel something intense for someone who allows you to enter their heart, soul, and mind….truly.




A strong relationship requires choosing to love each other even in moments when you struggle to like each other… #love




Dreaming of beach living. To experience the peace and tranquility of yoga on a windy, warm day. Craving the alone time and clear mind, sun kissed skin.

After the gym


I feel so pumped after the gym. Like bitch just did work. And then I make dinner for me and it’s two rice cakes….not only do I sweat my ass off but I get delicious rice cakes too! Wahhh