Parallel lines 


Parallel lines, have a plethora in common but never have the opportunity to touch, to feel, connect… All other lines connect at some point, touch, crash into the other and then proceed to move forward disconnecting from the other. I can’t quite fathom which thought is more solemn… 


4 thoughts on “Parallel lines 

  1. Alexander

    Hi, I just wanted to drop by and thank you for liking my first blog post on wordpress (hakkanotogame).

    Parallel lines – they always make me think of infinity, the possibility of going on forever w/out touching, which my mind can’t comprehend. When I think about life I think sometime there are parallel lines, but small chance events can change them. You know sometimes how you meet someone in an unusual situation and they end up being part of your life.


    Sometimes the best journey travelled is that straight line compared next to that squiggly, circular, loopty loop, never ending adventurist type line. You learn more and there will always be something to look forward to. The hard part is trying to keep up. Really liked the thought here.

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