Getting older


Part of me loves getting older. My understanding deepens. I can see what connects and put two and two together more frequently. You can integrate your past into your present. You start knowing what you want. You find yourself, begin doing things that make yourself happy. You can see the beauty in others a little more easily. You can feel and recognize connections with people. But the most rewarding part of growing older is growing closer to family and friends. Ones that really would drop a lot to here you cry about your messy life. I can’t fully describe with any combination of the 26 letters in the alphabet how beautiful it is to have some amazing people in your life. How important it is to have someone who understands the tears running down my face. How wonderful it is to have a person to laugh with and create memories with. Some of my friends are starting families and I love seeing them so happy when they find out their expecting or if it’s a girl or a boy. Co workers become your pain in the butt family. You see that mom and dad really did look out for you and not only that, they’re STILL looking out for you. Grandmas cooking is truly the best. And if you can find someone who wants to get to know all these important people in your life, then you are extremely blessed. Find and appreciate the amazing people in your life and rid yourself of the negativity and you might find that getting older isn’t all that terrible. I am so thankful for all the amazing people I have in my life who have surrounded me with love, words could never fully express that enough. This is what I’ve always wanted. Here is where I’ve always wanted to be.



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